When you are reading this article, you are apparently thinking about going digital with your menu, but you still have doubts. Let us give you 10 good reasons why a digital menu can help your business!

#1 Save Time!
Ever had the situation that you found a typing error or wanted to renew your menu otherwise, but it was just too much a hassle? A simple change in printed materials often means contacting a graphic designer, checking for release, hire a printer company, distribute and swap all materials.
A digital menu saves you all these steps: With just a few clicks, you can directly adjust your menu content without having to hire a third party! The changes will automatically be updated on all devices. It doesn’t get quicker or easier than that!

#2 Save Money!
As said before, you don’t have to depend on a graphic designer or printing company to manage a digital menu. This means you are saving money on operating costs, like service fees, materials and printing costs, every time you decide to make a change on your menu.

#3 Save the Environment!
Besides saving time and money, you are preserving the environment by reducing waste, since you won’t have to throw out old menus, and by minimizing the need for paper or ink. Also, a classic menu card is not as durable and will quickly look shabby due to stains or rips in the material. With a digital menu, you won’t have to worry about these things!

#4 Be up to date!
A digital menu gives you maximum flexibility. You can adjust your content on the fly, e.g. if you ran out of stock for a dish, you can tag the dish on your menu or even take it out completely until you have re-stocked. Another important use is the labelling of ingredients, allergens or additives. Another way to get the best out of a digital menu, is to use it for testing before deciding on the final menu.

#5 Make Them Hungry!
Feasting starts with the eye! Especially in the age where “food porn” and “instagrammable” are legitimate terms, it is important to present your dishes in a visually irresistible way. You can incorporate photos of your dishes in your menu to make your guests even more hungry.

#6 Upsell!
If your guest has already decided on what to eat and drink, it is often too late to convince him to add something else on his list. It is crucial to catch him while he is still in the decision process. The digital menu can display complimentary menu items, like fitting side dishes or a wine that goes well with a dish, while your guest is reading through it. Add enticing photos, as explained before, and you can watch your sales go up!

#7 Time Your Deals!
Are you offering special lunch break deals, or do you have a happy hour? Then the schedule feature will be interesting for you. You can preset times for certain offers in your digital menu. These offers will automatically be displayed, when the deal time starts, and taken out again, when the deal time ends, again saving operating time and printing costs for special menus. Simple, right?

#8 Reduce Perceived Waiting Times!
What do people nowadays do while waiting? Yes, they are on their phones or tablets. Make use of this habit and integrate entertaining aspects to your digital menu to preoccupy your guests while they are waiting for their order. Include some additional content like fun facts about your restaurant, trivia on dishes or tips and tricks and the (perceived) waiting time will fly by for your guests.

#9 Use It as a Marketing Tool!
There is an event coming up or something else you wish your guests to know? The menu is the one thing, your guests will spend time to look at, so make use of the digital menu as your advertisement and information tool by displaying marketing messages.

#10 There’s an App for It!

We can imagine that there might be two more thoughts hindering you to test a digital menu. Firstly, you might worry about how to set up your digital menu or, in other words, how to program it. Well, do not worry anymore, because there is an app for it! Mike’s Digital Menu is a ready-to-use, intuitive app that does not require any prior knowledge.
And this also leads us to your possible second worry: How much does it cost? The answer is: Nothing! The basic version of the app is for free. You can freely test Mike’s Digital Menu and if you like our solution, you can always upgrade for more features.

As you can see, there is nothing stopping you now from going digital with your menu!

Mike’s Digital Menu is available for Android in February 2020, iOS will follow shortly after.