Being a waiter or a waitress is much more than just carrying plates. As soon as you understand this, you can boost your tips. By the way, it doesn’t matter if you only earn a few bucks during your holidays or if you have years of experience. With the following tips, you will be even more successful in the future.

#1 First impression counts

We all know these days when everything goes haywire. When the restaurant is packed, and you are struggling to keep up. Even in this situation, never show arriving guests that you are under pressure. Instead, take a deep breath and do the very best to make a good first impression. Welcome them with a friendly smile and tell them that you are with them in a moment. It takes only a few seconds, but it makes a big difference to your guests.

#2 Craft a personal connection

Congratulations! You made the first step, hence don’t miss the second one: Build a personal connection with your guests. How so? Among other things, introduce yourself. Welcome regulars by name. And make your guests visit your restaurant again. For instance, inform them about upcoming events that will take place soon.

#3 Show competence

Memorize the menu and be familiar with ingredients and additives. This way, you can answer questions and give information to your guests in case of dietary restrictions (e.g. allergies). Additionally, recommend fitting side dishes or wine that goes well with the ordered dish.

#4 Try to upsell

Welcome to the masterclass! Be a good salesperson and make your guests ordering more than they would without your advice. As a competent waiter, you do not only support your guests in their decision making but inspire them. For instance, offer coffee after a meal or recommend corresponding wine.
The more you sell, the higher will be the bill – and so your tip.

#5 Give gifts to your guests

How do you feel when you get a gift? Right, you are pleased and thankful. Most of us want to show gratitude. Use this reflex to boost your tip and increase the likelihood that your guest will drop in again.
A gift can be very different. For example, a personal note on the bill. Or a piece of candy. Under some circumstances, it may also be possible to offer a free drink or a small snack. Just talk to your manager, if there are incentives for regulars or soon-to-be regulars like complimentary drinks.

Being a waiter means being responsible for your success as well as the success of your restaurant. Focus on getting the most out of it – no matter if you are still a newbie or already an experienced waiter. For sure, this will boost your tips and your career.