A lot of food ends up in the garbage. This is true for private households as well as for the gastronomy industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that food waste is a hot topic. A sustainable restaurant would be well advised to reduce food waste as much as possible. As already outlined in reducing and greening your waste, ecological and economic goals coincide because tackling food waste can also save money.

Too good to be thrown away
There are several reasons to reduce the amount of wasted food to the greatest extent possible. First, you are wasting money. You must pay for the food as a supply and you must pay for it again when you dispose of it. Second, in terms of sustainability, saving food equals saving water and energy and, therefore, reducing water and carbon footprints. Third, at a time when the world’s population is growing and billions of humans are starving, it is hard to abide the practice of wasting food.

Easy ways to reduce food waste
There are several approaches toward reducing the amount of food that is thrown away:

  • Much of the food that ends up in dustbins could be donated to people who do not have enough to eat. There are organizations that collect food and dispense it to those in need.
  • If the food is no longer consumable for humans, it may be used as feedstuff and therefore help to save on resources.
  • Reduce the size of your dishes or offer small servings on demand. This allows your guests to order only the amount they want and increases awareness of this topic. You can also encourage your guests to take any leftover food with them.
  • You might be able to extend the lifetime of your fresh products by slightly changing the ways in which you store your food. Also, you might discover alternate ways to process your food. For example, one option could be to dry or cook fresh fruits or vegetables that would otherwise perish.

It is also possible to optimize your menu and promote some dishes with ingredients whose expiration date is about to expire – for instance, by declaring them to be special offers. By the way, this is very easy to do if you are using Mike’s Digital Menu. Then, you can adapt your menu very easily and quickly.