What is the difference between a menu and an outstanding menu?

The perfect menu looks different for everyone. However, excellent menus have some things in common. When creating your own menu, we recommend that you consider the following aspects:

#1 Keep it lean and clean

Outstanding menus have a reasonable structure and do not comprise too many items. Otherwise, the menu is not only hard to read but complicates the decision-making process for your guests. After ordering they will still feel uncomfortable and wonder whether another choice wouldn’t have been better. By the way, too many different dishes on a menu are also associated with poor quality of food.
Last but not least, always present a clean menu without stains and without typos. Prove to your guests that you pay attention to details and satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of cleanliness.

#2 Show what you have

You are certainly familiar with the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”The same goes for an outstanding menu. Show what you offer with professional pictures. Your guests will be happy to rely on pictures and not only on reading when choosing their favorite dish.

#3 Give your menu a personal touch

We are sure that your business has a heart and soul and that you offer something that distinguishes you from other competitors. Just show it. Tell your story or show some pictures from behind the scenes and offer more than just food.

#4 Be up to date

Keep your menu up to date to avoid disappointed guests. If you run out of something, change your menu accordingly and don’t leave it to your waiter or waitress to apologize.

#5 Be transparent

Of course, you must fulfill some labeling requirements, but maybe there is more you would like to tell your guests. Be honest and transparent on what you offer them and maybe you can also present them with interesting information about the food or the type of preparation. Do you, for instance, rely on locally produced food, bio products or sustainable seafood? If so: great. This is worth mentioning.

Even if there are some things to keep in mind when creating the menu: It’s not that hard. All it takes is some time and creativity to get an outstanding menu which fits to your business and which is more than just a price list. And the good news is that we can help you to get your perfect menu without spending too much time on it.