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Italian ham, Iranian specialities, French cheese, fresh fish, but also many regional products such as wines, fruit, baked goods, sweets, delicatessen, Swabian whisky or coffee. As many elements and as many possibilities for your Mike’s Digital Menu. In our blog we’ll give you tips on how best to summarize, present and describe everything. But of course we also have many other topics that we want to bring you closer to become even more successful in your business.

We will give the information you just have to use it.

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How to Deal With Annoying Guests

14. February 2020|Allgemein|

All of us have encountered annoying guests who are rude, apparently not satisfied with anything or even insulting. There is no clear-cut answer on how to deal with them, but let’s consider some strategies that might help to cope with these situations.

How to Become an Amazing Waiter

14. February 2020|Allgemein|

Being a waiter means being responsible for your success and the success of your restaurant. With our tips, you will be even more successful in the future. [...]

Additives on the Menu

14. February 2020|Allgemein|

In the EU, the indication of some ingredients and additives are required on your menu. You also have to reveal ingredients that can cause allergies. [...]

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