Saving money is certainly important given the fact that your budget is limited, and this is especially true if you have just started your business.
However, think twice about where you are pinching pennies. In our experience, you can save everywhere but not on the guests.

Avoid poor quality

In order to be successful, you need to stand out from your competitors – in a positive sense. Going cheap on the quality of your ingredients, employees, or furnishings is a bad idea.

There are, of course, other ways to save money, but it does mean being creative. To spend less, you can buy used kitchen equipment or rely on leasing, for instance. Or you can restrict your marketing budget and focus on your key competence: serving great food and creating a great customer experience.

Compliments of the chef

In any case, show generosity to your guests. Just ask yourself: How do you feel when you are served a complimentary dish? Even when you realize this is about customer retention, it will not prevent you from feeling a bit special. Who doesn’t like to get something for free? And maybe you are also asked for your opinion on what you have been served. So, not only are you provided with greetings from the kitchen, but the chef even seems interested in your opinion.

Therefore, we encourage you to spend a percentage of your returns on direct improvements toward your guests’ experience. Some small giveaways, complimentary food, or a drink on the house could make all the difference in the world. These are the small things that matter and have the biggest impact on whether or not a customer will return to your restaurant.

Personal recommendations

By the way, this will also be translated into positive reviews and generate word of mouth. And the latter is not only the best, but the cheapest marketing you can get.