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Eating and enjoying starts with the eye! Delicious depictions of dishes entice guests to try and ultimately buy what they see. So why not show them your delicious meals?

Our digital menu app Mike’s Digital Menu makes it easy to change from old school paper to a modern digital menu. Your guests will get all the Information they need, neatly displayed on one device and in the kind of style you wish to be perceived: smart, modern, fit to your target group.

A few clicks is all it needs to change the content of your digital menu. An inuitive to use backend system is the key to keeping everything up to date. The digital solution lets you save time, money and natural resources! Thus, it is a win-win situation for everyone, your company, your guests and our environment.

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Coming soon


amazing possibilities

With just a few clicks you will be able to…
…use various features that will enhance both the design and the functionality of your digital menu!
…switch between different modes and templates depending on what fits best to your services!
…not only give but also get the most information from your guests!


awesome as it is

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maximum flexibility

  • Better communication from front to back of house!

  • Present dishes the smart, modern and most appetizing way!

  • Quickly and easily update your menu at any time of day and without additional costs!

  • Learn more about your guests by collecting and analyzing customer data with just a few clicks!

  • Many options to fit the design to your brand!

  • Preserve the environment and reduce costs by saving paper, ink and plastic!

  • Easily adapt the menu to show available items only!
  • Made by a team of professional hospitality managers and experienced programmers!
  • No internet connection needed (only for updates)!
  • As easy to use as the traditional printed menu card!

  • Get comprehensive descriptions, realistic photos and videos!

  • Guests can look up the ingredients and allergens of all dishes to find the perfect pick!
  • Thus, reducing the need to ask the waiter, saving time (and sometimes nerves)!

  • Let yourself be inspired by specials adapted to seasons, festivals, holidays and more!

  • Improve your overall guest satisfaction!

  • Stick in your guests’ mind by the interactive experience, making it more likely for them to return!

  • Increase the average table turnover!

  • Your data is save and secure and always available in the cloud!


your choice

Good food is what good restaurants are all about. And good food deserves an equally good presentation! Mike’s Digital Menu brings food to life with deliciously vivid photos, enticing descriptions and irresistible pairing suggestions. Words alone can never do justice to fine cuisine, but with Mike’s Digital Menu your customers get a first impression on what they will get.

Ever spied a drink on the neighbour’s table and thought “I would like to have that”? Sometimes choices are made intuitively and purely out of curiosity. Make your guests curious by showing off and describing the drinks you serve! A good captured cocktail glass will make the guests want to take a picture himself and enjoy this liquid delicacy.

If your selection of wine or whisky is your pride and joy, you will be able to highlight your expertise in a sophisticated and appealing way. With the help of a detailed description, you can present all details, e.g. vintage, origin, winery and ratings (“Recommended” or “Top 100 Wines”). Pairing suggestions for dishes can also be added to find the best drink to go with the meal.

If you are offering course menus, describe your fine selection. With the right storytelling and design, your guest will start imagining how the course menu will perfectly fit to his occasion. Also take the opportunity to promote an entire service bundle! Are you catering events or are you renting out your space, e.g. for weddings? Then let your guests know all the choices they have.

The times of loose sheets and selfmade print-outs are over! Mike’s Digital Menu can even be set to change during specific time. Simply configure and set your Happy Hour and temporary specials in advance. Mike’s Digital Menu content will change automatically according to the dates and times you defined.
This is the choice for everyone who wants to stay flexible. Daily changes can easily be made, e.g. if you adapt your menu to what the market had to offer today or if you want to promote a certain dish. Highlight the “Dish of the Day” by an elevated position on the menu or digitally design the “Dish of the Day” to stand out, making it impossible for guests to miss. With Mike’s Digital Menu, this is easily and quickly achieved.

With the time-based or product-based interferer, you can turn your digital menu into money. Time-based interferer appears in between products at a time of your choice. You can either advertise your own specials or cooperate with other companies to make more profit.

If your guest is in a good mood, full and happy, this is the best time to get him to come again and share the great experience he had at your place! Use Mike’s Digital Menu to remind him to review, encourage him to return and make it as easy as possible for him to book a table! Reservations made via Mike’s Digital Menu will be send by email to the guest so he won’t forget about it.
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very easy to use

With just the touch of a button, you can adapt your digital menu to seasons like summer menus, new items like wine or any other updates. Changes will be made in real-time, giving you maximum flexibility. Refraining from the printing and material costs, many weigh if a price change in the menu is acutally worthwhile. Don’t eat your winnings when the prices of ingredients change! Mike’s Digital Menu lets you update prices easily and conveniently. The cloud-based dashboard will update all mobile devices with your digital menu within minutes. It doesn’t get more comfortable than that!


  • Fully theme-based

  • Customize to fit your brand

  • Choose colours and textures

  • Upload high-resolution images and graphics

  • Optimized backgrounds to enhance user experience

  • Standard icons and images for categories available

  • Easy-to-read fonts

  • Multiple branding and design options


  • Mark items as out of stock

  • Highlight specials

  • Change menu contents and prices anywhere and anytime with our cloud-based dashboard
  • Automatically or manually update all your changes to all digital menus
  • Use time- or item-based automation

  • Show allergens and additives according to EU regulations


  • Tablet Android 4.4 (or coming soon iOS 10)

  • Edge, Chrome or Firefox Browser

  • Any products of you choosing

  • Optional but suggested: low quality pictures (We made a great picture enhancement tool for you)


we got you covered

Mike’s Digital Menu is very user-friendly. No prior knowledge is needed to understand how to set up your digital menu. If questions do arise, our support will be happy to help. Alternatively, you might find our tutorial useful.
Every brand is unique and has its individual requirements. From budgets, timing and training to design and photo standards, our goal is to give brands all possibilities to adjust Mike’s Digital Menu to their brand. That is why we continously work on our app and update it regularly. If you ever miss a configuration, do not hesitate to contact our support. Any suggestions are welcome!
Mike’s Digital Menu is available for Android tablets (Apple in development). We use the most innovative and advanced cloud-based dashboard on the market. This state-of-the-art system allows you to control all data, so you can update information in mere minutes. Our software is a proprietary program developed exclusively by Mike’s Digital Menu.
Mike’s Digital Menu offers customizable themes to make the app look according to your corporate design. All colours and background images can be changed. You can also add photos or videos for your digital menus.
Mike’s Digital Menu lets you create and manage multiple menus in a clear overview. The menu wizard helps you adding categories and products, sort them and publish the desired entries in your digital menu. It is also possible to duplicate, delete or look up a menu or menu item using the wizard. Let this app do its magic for you!
Mike’s Digital Menu connects with your POS system, sends orders directly from the guest to the kitchen and creates a seamlessly integrated platform for you and the guest. Orders can even be printed once they arrive at the back of the house for the convenience of your staff. (coming soon)
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just an idea

Cross-selling is one of the most effective ways to increase restaurant sales. An example everyone knows and uses is the question “Would you like a drink with it?”. In this case though, your guest already decided what he wants order. It is much more efficient to grasp the guest’s attention and interest during his decision process.

So why not recommend a great pairing to the dish your guest is currently looking at? Make use of the human desire for good food and the impact of appetizing visuals! Display your selection of side dishes, starters, desserts and drinks to get the most out of cross-selling. Your sales will increase simply by using Mike’s Digital Menu the smart way.


missing a feature?

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